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Being a competitive edge, Every organization needs to be connected with their customers regularly.  Borg Suite has been fully integrated with notifications & alerts throughout the entire application. Apart from this, For service enterprises it always remain challenge to satisfied customers without any systematic exchange of communication.

Borg Suite Service desk is an effective tool to server your customer with greater satisfaction. Borg Service desk facilitates Online ticketing system, chat for rapid action on highest priority calls, entire ticket conversation is recorded by borg itself & registered email ids at both end.

Few Examples of auto notifications & alerts integrated with borg suite:

  • Over due payment, Prospects greeting alerts, customer welcome mail, generation & Closure of service requests, request of order etc.
  • Sales & Marketing Auto Communication:
  • Prospects get Greeting Email & SMS once detail is captured by BORG either Manually, Missed Call, Website or online Campaign.
  • Sales Personnel receives follow up reminder for each lead on the day of followup set by him/her .
  • Designated sales Personnel who may be CEO / COO / Director / Partner receives daily Lead Summary email alert of the day.
  • Designated sales Personnel receives SMS alert on reporting of leads by missed call.
  • Prospect receives predesigned Welcome mail once gets converted into customer
  • Directly Quotation can be mailed to prospect / Customer on single click.
  • Payment gentle Reminder mail to customers after their due date.
  • Thanks SMS & Email to customer after receiving the due payment by company
  • Once New ticket is opened, SMS alerts is sent to company’s designated configured mobile number.
  • Once ticket is closed by the company, Customer is well informed instantly about ticket closer by SMS.
  • SMS & Email alert is sent both customer & company before expiry of contract to remind for renewal of the same.

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