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BORG Reporting system facilitates Master admin to distributes responsibilities & team management efficiently. BORG ensures higher conversion rate.

Sales Team hierarchy levels based on reporting System:

Level 4 (L4) – Director / CEO / COO / Business Head
Level 3 (L3) – Higher Level Managers – Reporting to Level-4 Manager — Can ne N… Numbers
Level2 (L2) – Middle Level Managers- Reporting to Level-3 Manager– Can ne N… Numbers
Level1 (L1) – Sales Executives / Tele-callers – Reporting to Level-2 Manager— Can ne N… Numbers

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Capturing New Lead: “Single Lead matters for Company”

Capturing lead’s valuable information is needed for identification of potential of Lead & consistent follow up to turn them into customer.

BORG Lead capturing methods:

Manually, Missed Call, Website contact form & Online campaign

Manage All Leads / Lead Management:

Manage All leads available in the side bar navigation of Sales CRM wherein all leads are avaialble for management & tracking too. This menu tab contains all leads having any stages / status & reported from all sources.

Pending Follow ups:

This palys very critical role & very useful for company owner /CEO / CXO / Managers to look in to this. This side bar navogation menu contains all leads pending for followup till date. If any manager finds any single lead laying there at the end of the day means, Follow up done by sales team has been missed some wehere. However, This also helps to trach future scheduled follow ups which can be shown by applying filter on the top.

Lead distribution:

Based on potential of Reported / captured can be assigned to deserving sales person for fast conversion & tracking. Every reporting Manager has been facilitated with lead assigning option to his / her team members. know More…

Reminder of follow ups:

BORG reminds with SMS alert / notification to sales personnel on the day of set followup date automatically in the morning with enough prospect’s details.

Lead Tracking Log availability:

BORG records Lead tracking history in text format input by all sales personnel based on their conversation with prospects & each Sales Manager can monitor real time performance of his/her team members. This option is part of action buttons available in the right most of every lead table.  Every lead must have accurate follow up histoty that helps a lot for every sales person down the line in their respective job.

Real Time Individual Performance:

Goodpick BORG does evaluate individual performance of every sales personal in terms of number of leads Generated, Converted, Source of leads used, Total Income earned for company & Total receivable to be recovered during a selected period.
The best performer is always good for company.

Linking of Sales with Accounts Module & Customers:

BORG pushes prospects details automatically to Customer List once Lead status is set to “converted” & Linking with accounts allow to get calculation of earned business volume for company & Individual.

Quick Generation of Quotation:

BORG saves a lot of time for sales team to prepare quote for prospects along with company & product / Service details & mailing to them.
Analytical Reports:Real Time 20+ Reports – Help to get performance of company & Individual Auto Generated Reports facilitates Decision makers to have view on company sales with various aspects which helps for taking quick & right decision.

Auto Communication (Alerts & Notifications):

1. Prospects get Greeting Email & SMS once detail is captured by BORG either Manually, Missed Call, Website or online Campaign.
2. Sales Personnel receives follow up reminder for each lead on the day of followup set by him/her .
3. Designated sales Personnel who may be CEO / COO / Director / Partner receives daily Lead Summary email alert of the day.
4. Designated sales Personnel receives SMS alert on summer dresses reporting of leads by missed call.
5. Prospect receives predesigned Welcome mail once gets converted into customer
6. Directly Quotation can be mailed to prospect / Customer on single click.

Analytical Reports:

Real Time 20+ Reports- Help to get performance of company & Individual
Auto Generated Reports facilitates Decision makers to have view on company sales with various aspects which helps for taking quick & right decision.  Know More…

MIssed Dial:

This is third party integarted feature with BORG. Missed dial service can be procured from any IVR Provider & can be intrgarted in the BORG.  Borg provides API for the same that can be found the Sales & Marketing Module of ERP or Sales CRM in the Side Navigation bar. This API can be shared with any Missed Dial provider to integrate the same.

SMS Engine & Email Engine:

SMS & Email Engine both can help our customers in their marketing activities for sending emails and sms to their registered Lead contacts & Customers as per company's requirements. Borg Customers have to buy Emails & Messages Service from Leadofy Mails & SMS which has been integarted with BORG.

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