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BORG facilitates various ways for tracking employee performance & enhance Productivity like Sales Team Productivity, Support/service team Productivity & Other teams productivities. 

Team Productivity becomes crucial for any enterprises but question remains same that “How can team productivity be measured?” Sales Team productivity is often measured based on their lead reporting & corresponding conversion followed by monetary targets / achievement. 

Service agent’s performance can be measured based on attending & responding service tickets followed by their closure in time as per SLA. 

Likewise, Internal day-2-day tasks, Group task & Project Tasks can be managed & tracked through task Force Management. Task can be created & assigned to either individual or groups for its completion within defined time period or date range. 

Task Creation: 

In current days, Most of tasks in enterprises are assigned through mail, Excell sheets, Test SMS, wahtsapp or whatsapp group however it becomes very critical to follow, track & productivity measurement for these tasks. Thus, To overcome these challenges & Increase employee productivity there must be some viable system. Borg comes out with effective tool as “BORG Task Force Management” as solution. 

There are three (3) types of tasks in Borg Task Force:  

  1. General Task  

         This task Includes Subject, Task Description, Task Deadline, Assignee List, Task Category etc. to create general task & assign the same to any of relevant assignee list in the drop/down. 

  1. Check List task for tracking multiple activities  

         This task Includes Subject, task’s check list, Task Deadline, Assignee List, Task Category etc. to create general task & assign the same to any of relevant assignee list in the drop/down. 

  1. Group Task for better project management 

         Borg facilitates creation of group or groups in which two or more members can be included.  Group task can be created & assigned to any of available groups. Group task shall be visible & assigned to all members / employee in the group. 

Task Assigning:  While creating new task, Assignee option is available whom this task is to be assigned. After Assigning, Assignee would be notified for receipt of new task in categories. 

Task Tracking:  All Assigned task’s progress can be tracked in the borg task force wherein each update by any person remains listed with date/time for tracking in need. 

All Tasks:  List of both created & assigned followed by their management. 

Group Task:  All Group task created & assigned followed by their management. 

My Task:   List of tasks which are assigned to me for completion. 

Task Status:  In-Progress | Due Soon | Completed 

In-Progress: List of tasks which are not yet completed & considered as in progress before deadline. 

Due Soon: List of which are not completed however deadline is approaching soon. 

Completed: It shows list of all completed tasks. 

Reports & Analytical:  Under development!! To be completed soon.  

Real Time Alerts & Notifications: Borg sends various alerts & notification to concern person to remain on track & reminder for due date of task to be completed as sms / email. 

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