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BORG enables SMEs Founders, CEO, COO & other decision makers to understand & monitor accounts of the company very closely round the clock as there is no accounting knowledge is required to operate BORG Accounting modules and accessible globally.

Generating GST enabled Invoices:

BORG facilitates SMEs to prepare GST enabled Invoices quickly without accounting knowledge & enable you to share Invoices to registered mail id of customer directly from BORG. Know More…

Managing Sales Invoices:

This section allows any designated person to Edit / Modify / Update / View / Print / Delete prepared Invoices in case of any alteration or any other reason when required.

Managing Purchase Bills:

Allows capturing of details of purchase bills quickly & Managing them with Editing / Viewing / Updating / Deleting. Know More…

Managing Expenses Including Fixed Assets separately:

Allows capturing of details of Expenses bills quickly & Managing them with Editing / Viewing / Updating / Deleting. Know More…

Linking with Inventory & SCM:

As we all know Sales & Purchase of any product directly linked with “Inventory & SCM”. Stock becomes plus when purchase is made & Stock is minus when Sales is made. Thus automatic Stock Management happens on sale & purchase.

BORG Banking:

Banking involves all possible type of financial transactions regarding receipt, Payment, Loan, Advance, Investment, Deposit & Withdraw which are necessary for Small & Medium Enterprises in their daily activities. Know More…

Quick Capture of Receivables:

Receivable is a most demanded part of Accounting & Finance for SMEs which let you know oftenly dues of respective customers against sales or service. This directly linked with Sales Invoices & receipt section of banking.

Real Time P&L and Balance Sheet:

We all know P&L and Balance sheet of any enterprise let you know the exact financial position of the company. BORG facilitates you to track financial position of your company in real time which lets a decision maker / CEO/COO/Business Owner to correct their position & take corrective step if required.

Auto Communication (Alerts & Notifications):

BORG integrated auto communication features connects customers with enterprise with various greeting / thanks / notification / alerts such as –

1. Sending Invoices to customers directly to their registered email id by a single click
2. Payment gentle Reminder mail to customers after their due date. Know More…
3. Thanks SMS & Email to customer after receiving the due payment by company Know More…
4. Daily Account Summary regarding total sale, purchase, Expenses etc. to designated Registered Mobile Number. Know More…

These greeting / thanks / notification / alerts plays great role to build brand Image of the company, Fast recovery of receivables, healthy auto communication & saving of time.

Analytical Reports: 45+ Real time Reports

Accounting Reports section captures & concludes with 45+ aspects of monitoring & tracking financial factors of the company which have been categorised in 4 different categories such as Recommended Reports, Receivable Reports, Payable Reports & Payroll Reports. Know More…

Recommended Reports :
This categories covers all frequently needed for tracking & monitoring purposes.

Receivable Reports:
As Name suggests, This section of reports carries receivable segmented information in the measurable formats.

Payable Reports:
Payable reports belongs to all payable info related to payments by the company such as purchase & expenses.

Payroll Reports:
Coves reports related to salaries & wages of the Employees whether on roll or contract employees.

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