Startup Plan : Buy One get One Free User Licence Billed Annually

We understand you might be hesitant to try a new technology product like Borg Suite ERP. You might be unsure if it would really help your business. You might not be able to trust the company with your money and time. So here, through this letter we promise that we will provide 50% refund of taxable value in case, you are not satisfied with the product, anytime within first 30 days for your service activation. Refund has to be claimed in the official mail at "" with full details & will be settled back to your bank within 90 days from your claim date . This could be for many reasons like, you did not find the product useful for your business or you did not find our good service . If you want your money back, we will do it for you.

We are doing this because we -

Want you to manage, Optimize, automate your business without any business risk.
Believe what we are delivering is a great solution for your business.
Want you to believe in our product which is used by thousands of customers.
This is an effort to ensure complete satisfaction and deliver our commitment to increase revenue potential of your business.

Please note:

This policy is valid for Borg Desk ERP without any customization. Refund can not be processed if customization has been done for you on your request or agreed mutually for customization.
This policy is not applicable on subscriptions bought at discounted prices.
This policy is not applicable for Enterprise Messaging gateway (Bulk SMS) Service.

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