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Power of Human Resource is equal to Power of an enterprise. More than 90% SMEs face Human resource issues. Recruitment of Talent is obvio us important but keeping their valuable worth is more important like anything to increasing their productivity to grow an enterprise.
BorgSuite facilitates & reserve the value of human resource of any organization.
Human Resource vertical of BorgSuite enables each employee to get his/her login control panel to interact with HR department of the company directly & can access various things like Apply leave, Leave tracking, Issue asset to employee by an enterprise, Apply Claim, Track claim, Holiday calendar set by company etc.

Appointment Record of Employee:

BorgSuite allows an enterprise to have entire possible details about an employee in a separate window for Employees on roll & Contract Employees along with Personal details, Employment details, Leave Details, PF& ESI details etc.. Record of captured details can be edited or deleted as per requirement & can be accessed round the clock by any HR Personnel or master Admin. It has been seen that Employee Record Management becomes very tedious job for any company HR Personnel for long time. Know More

Holiday Calendar:

It’s very convenient for both enterprise & employee to have a common Holiday calendar of the company. It helps employees to plan for a leave accordingly. It is set by either master admin or HR Personnel of the company once in a year. It is visible to both in HR Module & Employee login control Panel.

Leave Management:

This section of HR Module enables every employee of the company to request leave directly from the login control panel given by the company & HR personnel must deserve the right either approve, ask for replan or reject the leave in coordination with the reporting manager of the employee. Each action taken by HR Personnel is alerted to employee panel.  Know More..

Attendance Management:

This section also available to employee control panel to track their attendance in the form of working hours, Punch-in & Punch-out. Attendance is made either manually by any HR Personnel or can be integrated with biometric machine API given by Biometric Provider. Real time attendance can be tracked both by employee & company’s HR. Know More..

Salary Management:

Salary is prepared by HR based on Salary details & No Paid Leave details taken by Employee. Once Salary is prepared it is also notified by employee by SMS & would be visible to Accounts Personnel in the Payroll report of Report Section so that respective salary amount can be transferred by accounts to the employee bank account by NEFT / Cheque / Cash etc. Know more..

Manage Assets:

Here Asset means issued assets to employee for official working like Laptop, Mobile, Vehicle etc which can be for a specific period or issued permanently. All issued asset to an employee is also visible in the Employee login control Panel.

Manage Reimbursement:

Facilitates Employee to apply entitled claim based on their employment directly from their login control panel to HR with proper details & proof like Mobile Bill Claim, Local Conveyance, Hotel Bill for any tour etc . HR has right to check & update to employee from HR Module only regarding approval/ Modification/Alteration etc. which is also be alerted in to fake rolex employee login control panel. Know More…

Auto Communication (Alerts & Notifications):

Leave apply SMS & Email notification is sent to designated mobile & email ID to the Company & same would also be alerted to employee. 

Analytical Reports:

Very crucial to evaluate an employee performance & Productivity-  Know more

Attendance Report: Attendance Report consists of Individual working & npn-working days in percentage & Number in the list.

Salary Statistics: A percentage of total paid salary an employee is drawing from an enterprise.

Leave Statistics: What type of Leave an employee has taken & what is their percentage

Reimbursement Report: This Section of Reports shows type of reimbursements an employee has claimed & their percentage.

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