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Supply Chain Management is an integral part of System Integrators and Manufacturing Industries. Borg Supply Chain management facilitates industries to manage, track finished goods from point of origin to consumption through various level of distributors.

For smooth supply of goods through chain of distributors is required a system wherein distributor’s inventory & current position of goods can be tracked by company. Borg enables distributors to place order online & tracking of same.

Generating GST enabled Invoices:

BORG facilitates distributors to prepare GST enabled Invoices quickly without accounting knowledge & taking print directly from the control panel or can be stored in the computer in the pdf format.

Managing Sales Invoices:

This section allows any distributor to Edit / Modify / Update / View /  Print / Delete prepared Invoices in case of any alteration or any other reason when required.

Real time Stock Monitoring:

Stock Monitoring Challenge faced by Stockiest has been overcome by BORG. Stock is updated automatic on sales & purchase of the same. There is option to add opening Balance of the Stock of the goods & Materials which can be tracked round the clock.

Placing of Orders by Distributors:

Borg’s Inventory & Supply Chain Management allows distributors to place order online by simply filling few details of order including product Name, Model No or other relevant details about products. Order gets populated in the new order list of original manufacturer company.

Order Tracking:

Distributors & company both can track order while moving through distributor’s channel. Order can be tracked by assigned level of status such is order acceptance or rejection, Order Invoiced, dispatched etc.

Capturing New Lead:

Borg’s distributor control panel facilitates capturing of lead’s valuable information which is needed for identification of potential of Lead & consistent follow up to turn them into customer.

Lead capturing methods:

Manually, Website contact form & Online campaign

Reminder of follow ups:

BORG reminds with SMS alert / notification to distributor on the day of set followup date automatically in the morning with enough prospect’s details.

Lead Tracking Log availability:

BORG records Lead tracking history in text format input by all sales personnel based on their conversation with prospects & each Sales Manager can monitor real time performance of his/her team members

Auto Communication:

In the leading ear of advance communication system, Borg sends sms & email alerts automatically to both company & distributor when order is generated & order is delivered to the distributor who had requested the same.

Lead reporting & scheduled follow-up alerts are also sent to registered mobile no of distributor to empower him /her for more conversion rate by close & on time follow-ups.

Borg’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) module has been integrated with inventory module to automate inventory of the company along with movement of finished goods.

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