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BorgSuite Inventory CRM specializes in entire inventory & delivering process such as Stock Management, Stock Tracking, Warehouse Tracking, Stock Reports, Notifications & Alerts etc.
Manufacturers, Traders, System Integrators etc. are needed to have this module which facilitates to manage complete stock of the company which is supervised & monitored by various people down the line for smooth functioning of movement of products in the entire supply chain. Long excel sheet of management makes you tired of achieving excellence in transparent Product Supply & Management system. Product Movement must be monitored by real time tool to ensure fast delivery & to avoid shortage of the products.

Key features of BorgSuite Inventory CRM

Product Management
BorgSuite facilitates Two options in the Side Menu of Inventory & SCM to add New Products and Manage Product which allows you to edit & delete the product list if necessary after the new addition. User & admin both have been given rights to perform this action.
Order booking and Locking stock
Order Tracking increases customer satisfaction & transparency in the Order system. After requesting an order BorgSuite allows you to track the same with help of the current status of the product Order like New Order / Invoiced / Packed / Dispatched / Received etc and this feature also allows admin to lock stocks for some orders.
Real Time Stock Monitoring
Stock Monitoring Challenge faced by Stockiest has been overcome by BorgSuite. Stock is updated automatically on sales & purchase of the same. While entering the Opening Balance of the Stock, There is two more option to be maintained, they are MSQ & MOQ. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is set by either master admin or authorized person to manage stock with admin rights
Minimize Shortage of Stock
MSQ (Minimum Shortage Quantity) which gives you alert once stock reached to this value of MSQ to buy stock of the same product & add to the stock. Shortage of Stock is a biggest challenge for wholesaler / Stockiest. Due to large number of variety of products, Stockiest are generally failed to monitor
Multi-warehouse Location management
This feature of Inventory and SCM allows you to manage multiple warehouses locations and lets you keep track of which warehouse contain which number of products, how many of them are shipped and how much stock remaining in that particular warehouse.
Distributor Management
Allows to add & manage distributor details like Enterprise Name, Contact Person, Number, Email, GSTIN & PAN etc. at a place. Manage Distributor enables admin to edit the details or delete the any distributor from the list if required.

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Ms CS Shweta Gupta

Founder & CEO at Muds Management Pvt Ltd.

I would like to place on record my heartiest appreciation for Mr KP Singh of Goodpick Technologies Pvt Ltd. For providing his commendable support services in implementation of BORG Software. We were planning to move on CRM on from Google Sheets for data security and then we opt for BORG Software and I am still not able to believe that We have transitioned so smoothly.

Whatever mess me or my team created during the process has been handled very smoothly by Mr KP Singh & All issues acted day & night.
I would make all endeavours  to recommend to you with full confidence & wish you very best in all spheres of your life.

Mr Vishal Rustagi

Founder & CEO at Professional Technical Services Pvt Ltd

I would like to place on record our appreciation for Goodpick Technologies Pvt Ltd. We find the Borg software is an amazing software tool for business. We are using it's Sales & Marketing Module, HR Module & are planning to implement other modules. Now we are capturing all leads in to BORG. Follow ups & Lead Tracking has become very easy followed by possibility of high conversion.

Business became online & receive daily automatic email & SMS Alerts. Now as a CEO, I can track my business from every where 24x7.

 I recommend BORG to CEOs who want to manage & automate their business process, I wish KP Singh & his team at Goodpick Technologies Pvt Ltd the very best for the future & would gladly recommend them  to my friends, Customers & Business Associates.

Dr. GD Bhargava

Founder at Our Brain Our Life

I GD Bhargava would like to place on record our appreciation for KP Singh for Goodpick Technologies Pvt Ltd. I require CRM & SMS Gateway solution for my website urgently. Me & KP Singh have detailed discussion over the same in terms of price & delivery time. He understood my requirement & suggested best solution in stipulated time. I would sat CRM & SMS gateway Solution was excellent.

 I wish KP Singh go Goodpick Technologies Pvt Ltd all the very best for their future endeavours and would highly recommend in the circle of  influence for any of CRM & SMS Gateway solution needs.

Pravesh Kumar Goel

IT-Head Delhi at Arya Samajh Pratinidhi Sabha

Provide reliable, authenticate and ensure services

Oct 04, 2017

Goodpick provides a reliable, authenticate and ensure secure services. We selected SMS Gateway module till there is no issue to send SMS to our client... Goodpick SMS Gateway is a perfect as a Partner for our Organization...


Majhar Mulani

Director at MDTS Technology Pvt Ltd

Goodpick SMS Gateway is reliable and we can authenticate

Sep 18, 2017

Goodpick SMS Gateway is reliable and we can authenticate and ensure that our all data will be secure. We selected cloud-based SMS Gateway module due to scalability. Goodpick SMS Gateway is a perfect Value Adding Partner for our Organization!


Anil Sahu

Founder at Verz Technologies

Salesreporting helped me to track employee

Sep 23, 2017

I had been using this application for last 1 year and a half, PORS I easy to understand, Use, Sales people reporting which was nightmare for me became easy after using this application, now I can access report from anywhere. CONS was its Design Part which they have updated with new version release. So rating it 4.5/5


Brijesh Pandey

MD at

Great tool for Automation, Automatic Notification & Business Reports

Mar 14, 2018

Since We were a start-up company, Goodpick Borg Suite made easy to manage & Track our entire business day to day Processes which is now easy to track every team performance in real time & removed all excel sheet work. First of all, we would like to thank "Borg Software Suite" which gave us such amazing featured business application wherein we have managed our accounts & entire sales pipeline including distributors in a professional way. Excellent Team & Service.

Santosh Kumar Sharma

Founder at RPĀ  Infotech

Great tool for Business Management and Tracking

Apr 09, 2018

Thanks for Borg Suite Team to build such amazing Business Application ERP with User-friendly Interface. Being an Integrated with all key vertical operations, We are able to deploy BORG for our all processes. SMS & Email Notifications and Business Reports are really very useful for us. We would appreciate Borg Suite's team for their unbelievable effort to help us in this regards.

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Ashok Waswani

CEO at Net Sanchar

Customer Testimonials-

Sep 21, 2017

I am using this software for almost 1 and half years from now.  The best part of the Team is, they understand what is to deliver. Whenever we have any issue for anything like adding a new API, or adding any new third-party connectivity, for this kind of connectivity, it is a matter of few hours only hats off to the Borg Suite Team..!! That is why I have gone to 100 user license to add all my distribution team onto this platform....

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