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BorgSuite believes Customer relation means post sales or service relation with customers. Service Desk ensures repeated sales / service, Referral Sale, adding value with Brand equity etc. BorgSuite service desk opens multichannel communication for customers to report issues related to any of the departments of the company whether Accounts, Sales, Stock, Human resource, Technical etc based on nature of business.

Multi-Communication channels-

1. Online Ticketing System ( Ensures High degree of customer satisfaction)
2. Chat ( Instant communication or Rapid action Force)
3. Email communication channel

Online Ticketing System:

Facilitates CEO / COO to set up departments with additional setup of help desk management. Tickets can be routed directly to either concern departments set by customer or can be assigned by help desk to concern departments. Finally ticket gets reported to concern team to reply with most relevant reply to to customer within stipulated time frame. Know More…

Ticket Management:

It covers Ticket Monitoring, Ticket distribution, Ticket Priorities, Editing & deleting the ticket. Deletion rights is available with Master Admin only.

Ticket Monitoring:

All ticket can be monitored by both customer & company with replied content & current status of the ticket ( Customer pending, Vendor pending, Progress, Assigned, Closed etc). Email conversation in the ticket is also shared in the registered email ids of both company & customer.

Ticket Distribution / Assignment:

In the large customer base business, BorgSuite recommends to have central Managed help desk for distribution of tickets to concern team but in the case of small customer base, Ticket can be assigned by any of service user to another concern user or department. Know More…

Ticket Escalation:

For Fast resolution of reported incidents must be solved asap by concern team or level-2 or Level-3 team which are higher level of the same vertical.

SLA (Service Level Agreement):

SLA bounds each side (company & customer) to be accountable for appropriate action in time defined in the SLA which ensures customer satisfaction & increase level of trust / service security with customer.

Ticket Priorities:

They Can be named as Critical Priority, High Priority, Medium Priority, Very Low priority. Priorities can be defined by financial impact of issue for customer. For example – Critical means heavy amount of financial loss is involved with this issue so this requires fast remedies to be applied by enterprise.
If right priority is not set by customer, the same can be upgrade or downgrade by company service user based on financial impact on the business.

Ticket Reopen :

If Company’s service team has provided appropriate solution & Ticket is closed, Customer always has right to reopen the same ticket if reply / resolution is not found satisfactory.

AMC Management :

This is for IT or Product based companies(OEMs) which offers Annual Maintenance Contract of the product or service. This section enables to add contract with details such as start date, End Date, Contract details, Listing, Editing, Deleting etc & managing them.

Auto Communication (Alerts & Notifications):

1. Email alerts of full ticket conversation is set to both customers & company’s registered email id for shake of records & notification.
2. Once New ticket is opened, SMS alerts is sent to company’s designated configured mobile number.
3. Once ticket is closed by the company, Customer is well informed instantly about ticket closer by SMS.
4. SMS & Email alert is sent both customer & company before expiry of contract to remind for renewal of the same.

Analytical Reports:

Facilitates to Company’s Director, CEO, COO or Business Head to analyse customer interaction trend, behavior, Service quality, Behavior of reported Issues, Quality of Service of concern teams etc. which are unavoidable part of decision makers of the company. Know More…

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