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Manufacturers, Traders, System Integrators etc. are needed to have this module which facilitates to manage complete stock of the company which is supervised & monitored by various people down the line for smooth functioning of movement of products in the entire supply chain.
Long excel sheet of management makes you tired of achieving excellence in transparent product supply & Management system.
Product Movement must be monitored by real time tool to ensure fast delivery & to avoid shortage of the products.

Product Management:

BorgSuite facilitates Two option in the Side Menu of Inventory & SCM to add New Products and Manage Product which allows you to edit & delete product list if necessary after new addition. User & admin both have been given rights to perform this action. Know More…

Minimize shortage of the stock:

MSQ (Minimum Shortage Quantity) which gives you alert once stock reached to this value of MSQ to buy stock of the same product & add to the stock. Shortage of Stock is a biggest challenge for wholesaler / Stockiest. Due to large number of variety of products, Stockiest are generally failed to monitor.  Know More….

Real time Stock Monitoring:

Stock Monitoring Challenge faced by Stockiest has been overcome by BorgSuite. Stock is updated automatic on sales & purchase of the same. While entering Opening Balance of the Stock, There is two more option to be maintained, they are MSQ & MOQ. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is set by either master admin or authorized person to manage stock with admin rights. MOQ alerts Distributor or stock persons to order quantity must be equal or greater than MOQ.

Requesting Order online:

Reducing delay in Requesting order, Processing order, Dispatching & Receiving makes distributor very much comfortable. Generally order is placed either by Phone or Email which are very much difficult to track & Increasing delay & looses transparency. BorgSuite facilitates Customers/ Distributors to request order & Track the same. Know More…

Order Tracking:

Order Tracking increases customer satisfaction & transparency in the Order system. After requesting order BorgSuite allows you to track the same with help of current status of the product Order like New Order / Invoiced / Packed / Dispatched / Received etc.

Distributor Management:

Allows to add & manage distributor details like Enterprise Name, Contact Person, Number, Email, GSTIN & PAN etc. at a place. Manage Distributor enables admin to edit the details or delete the any distributor from the list if required.

Auto Communication (Alerts & Notifications):

Distributor receives SMS & Email alerts on successful submission of order request & the same time SMS alerts is also sent to a designated mobile number set by master Admin so that Requested order can be processed asap without any delay.

Analytical Reports:

Reports provides close stats of Stock Movement & Product Selling Performance. Reports are briefly explained below-
Order Tracking – This reports let master admin know how many orders are in which status in real time during a selected period. For Example- How Many Orders have been invoiced ? How many Orders have been dispatched ? etc.  Know More

Stock Tracking – Real time Tracking of Stock of any product round the clock.

Shortage Stock Tracking – This Report allows you to know which Product or how many products are in red alert of shortage to take further necessary action.

Out Stock Report – This Statistics tells how many products or which product has reached to Zero.

Top 10 Sold Products – Interesting to know for any master admin / CEO / COO that which are 10 products have been ordered most by our distributors so 10 high performer products can be listed out in the report.

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