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Bulk Email is One of the widley used communication tool across enterprise world is one-to-one Email Communication. With the rapid adoption of Digital Communication services , Now a days it is playing key role & contributing big part of the sales revenue in the business world. Some of the well known email service providers are providing Free one-to-one email services for individual communication but can not allow to send email to large number of recipients.

Goodpick Email web based platform allows enterprise to campaign on large number of prospects / customers / other groups to send with a single click & enasure effective delivery systems.
Mass Mailing service is a key part of Digital world & being used by all enterprises to generate revenue, Product Promotion & Brand Promotion.

Goodpick Mass Mailing Platform Features

Easy to start Campaign to Large number of recipients
User Friendly web based interface.
No DND & Non DND issues like Messaging services for promotion
Delivery to all live recipents
Fast reaching to targated Prospects

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