Are you looking to : Enhance revenue potential of your business?

Business Ecosystem :    Borg integrates all business process for internal entities ( Admin, managers, Executives etc) & external entities ( Service Customers, Product Distributors, Channel Partners etc.) within a Single Application which creates transparency in the work, Remove Dependence, speeding up work, Fast Conversion, Quick delivery of orders, Professional Feel, Real time business reports etc.

Being an SMEs friendly, Borg Suite integrates 6 modules at single platform so that SMEs can overcome extra burden of managing different software for various purposes with single company such as for Accounting, Sales, Service, Inventory, Supply chain Management, Human Resources.

Borg is integrated business software reason being it is cost effectiveness, easy to manage, easy to coordinate, easy to evaluate company performance, easy to manage single software vendor etc. . In case of separate software, Enterprise can’t be fully optimized & there must be leakage somewhere in the system. To avoid system leakage, Borg Suite has become one of the India’s leading cloud application for SMEs.

Apart from Module Integration, Borg also integrates Auto Communication wherein enterprise can send auto SMS & Email Notifications / Alerts to their customers, prospects, distributors & Team to build strong bond with the company.

Being integrated, Borg also optimizes business, manages processes & generates analytics for business as a whole.

Borg Integrates Following Modules currently & working to bring more in the interest of SMEs.

  •  Accounting & Finance ( Sales Invoicing, Purchase Bills, Expenses, Banking)
  •  Sales & Marketing ( Lead Capturing, Tracking, Followup, Distribution etc.)
  •  Service Desk / Helpdesk for Service Customers
  •  Inventory & Supply Chain Management
  •  Human Resource ( People Management )

Various different entities login interface with Single Application-

  • Login Interface for Employee
  • Login Interface for Managers & Decision Makers
  • Login Interface for Service Customers
  • Login Interface for Distributors
  • Login Interface for Channel Partners

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