Startup Plan : Buy One get One Free User Licence Billed Annually

Great price plan for Borg Inventory Module!

Signup(14 Days Trial)
  • Per User
  • Billed as one payment of INR 0/-
Quarterly PRO
  • Per User
  • Billed as one payment of INR 2994/-
Monthly PRO
  • Per User
  • Billed as one payment of INR 599/-

Important Note :
1. BorgSuite offers Master Admin Account free for first 14 days for trial with full features access. After 14 days trail period, Admin license can be bought online by customer from account login.
2. Every Enterprise (Business) must have first & single Master Admin Account.
3. BorgSuite offers multiple admin account inside Master admin with No Extra Cost
4. All BorgSuite Prices mentioned in website are exclusive of applicable GST (As per native GST System).

Setup, On-boarding & Implementation Cost
1. Setup, On-boarding, Implementation & Training Cost varies from INR 5000/- to INR 25000/- per module based on team size & complexity of process .
2. Training Cost is included in Setup & On-boarding cost
3. Setup, On-boarding & Implementation Cost is one time cost (OTC)

For More, Pls refer below FAQs & Support Knowledge Base or speak to our Customer Relationship Officer.
Thank You !!

Frequently Asked Questions

A "Demo account" is a 15 days trial that allows you to test and use the features of Borg Suite for free. It ensures that you are well versed with all features of our product. Once your free trial is completed, you are in a better position to decide whether or not you need  Borg Suite Licenses to further continue for your business.

After your 15 day trial expires, the License keys would be provided for your trail account and your account will get converted into a “Borg Suite Paid Account” after confirmation of payment. License keys would be provided & would be allowed to gohead with all the Features of each module as  it was during trial.

Borg Support all type of GST defined by GST Council like CGST, SGST, IGST, UTGST.

CGST – Central Goods and Service Tax (Collected by Central Government)

SGST - State Goods and Service Tax (Collected by State Government)

IGST – Integrated Goods and Service Tax (Collected by Central Government)

UTGST – Union Territory Goods and Service Tax (Collected by UT State Government)

Steps to buy License from website:

1.Login to on Try n Buy(
3.then click on Monthly PRO 1799 will be directed next(
4.To proceed ,you need to input the Discount Coupon if any issued .. Apply Discount coupon,you will get -Coupon Apply Successfully !!!
5. Fill the Registration Form with all valid details and click NEXT
6. You will be receiving an OTP on your contact number and email . Input this OTP with all your Company
details .
7. You will land on Payment Gateway page , complete the payment process .
Thus an Admin license will be assigned to your BORG account .

Admin License pricing -- 
Monthly - 1799.00
Quarterly- 1499.00
Implementation Charges25K -65K per module is the one time set up charges which is applicable during implementation .

Pricing of any License of any module is exclusive GST.

Only Master Admin or Admin account has privilege to create User account & manage them. 
Login to Borg Suite Admin Account
Click on User Management 
Click on Add user
Fill required information with valid details , then Click on “Submit” User 
Note:- You can find User Management in BorgSuite in left menu bar
For all Single Module Admin Account User Management is there in Profile Settings on the top right side .

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